EH LINE Story of Success

With partners in 10 countries, EH LINE is one of the global leaders among the modern E-mobility providers. Quality made in Austria, unique design and state-of-the-art technology inspire innumerable customers across Europe. Become part of the EH LINE story of success.

Toyota Feichtmayr

As EH LINE partners from the beginning, we have walked an exciting road and are looking at a promising future. First, we thought only of the additional business. Soon, however, we had to see that this also means additional work that needs to be taken care of with the same attention as the master business. Only this will lead to success and development of a reputation that competitors will soon be envious of. Today, we are proud to be EH LINE Partners of the first hour and can recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience.

MS Automobile

We already feel that our customers no longer associate the subject of mobility with cars only. To be at the forefront in future, we need to adjust to changed customer wishes. This is what we have done with EH LINE. We are already doing very well with it. Of course, it was a change for us. Our salespeople had to change most of all. An e-bike or scooter cannot be sold like a car. EH LINE's support helped us do it. We are now happy to have a second basis in this difficult market situation.



Autohaus Larl

From business management to sales to service employees, our entire team supports EH LINE. Of course, it had to be pointed out to the customers that the car dealer no longer sells only cars, but mobility from A to Z. Today, however, we are well known in this area and fully support the brand.